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Jaffan Bros

+20 (2) 620-63-56


مصر,  القاهرة ,  القاهرة ,  1A, El Farokia bldgs – Gisr El Sewis St. P.O. Box: 3005

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Jaffan Bros

Jaffan Bros. was established in 1998 by Dr.Ihab Jaffan, who is graduated in Pharmacy from the University of Hamburg/Germany. • From the beginning our aim was to offer our customers in the food & confectionery business an all round Service - fast and innovative. • Our customers need only to have the idea, our job is to realize it. • The very close relationship with our principals enable us to seek your ideas/ projects the most technological, economical, reliable solutions. • Whether it is raw material or machinery - our team will support you with the most economical offers that fits to your budget. • References in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria are the rewards of our fast and innovative work. • One of the reasons of our success is that we treat every project like if it's our only one.
المنتجات والخدمات
Ice cream wooden sticks
Our Range of WOODEN ICE CREAM STICKS meets all request concerning Quality, Price as well as Shapes. We import only Sticks from best Woods, made to hold the Ice Cream safely - without unpleasant breaking or dangerous Splitting. Our Suppliers are on one hand from Northern Europe, but also from...
المجموعة: العصي الخشبية
Gum bases
Gum bases are manufactured from resins, waxes, elastomers, fillers and other additives by means of a mixing process. Gum Base Co.'s strength is the "tailor-made gum base". Customers may choose from a range of more than 200 different gum bases formulations, supplied in 5 different shapes, i.e....
المجموعة: علكة
Citric Acid from Various Origins
Citric acid, a solid, white, organic acid is found in the cells of plants and particularly in juices of citrus fruits. Citric Acid is produced industrially by fermentation mainly for flavoring food.
المجموعة: الأحماض الغذائية
Cocoa Butter
- Produced from selected Quality Beans - Cocoa Butter is available in two main forms : Natural and Deodorized - Cocoa Butter is mainly used in High Quality Chocolate Products.
المجموعة: بدائل زبدة الكاكاو
Cocoa Powder
- Produced from well fermented, best quality Cocoa Beans - Cocoa Powder is available in either high or low fat of different flavors and colors, available Alkalized or Natural - Used extensively in the bakery and confectionery industries for any products, that require the Cocoa Aroma and Tast
المجموعة: الكاكاو


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